Let’s read your thoughts…

I would love to read from all of you dear readers… In whatever way you can help to spread the word on polio and better health for children, please do not hesitate to do so.

Also questions can be posted here and your answers will be delivered as soon as possible…

Remain blessed.



One comment on “Let’s read your thoughts…

  1. The rate of polio in this country is very alarming. According to statistics from government agencies, the prevalent polio rate has reduced due to different International Agencies especially the World Health Organisation’s project of community immunization or door to door immunization.
    The main problem we have now is in the Northern region of the country where it’s difficult for these health workers to immunize children because of the social/religious beliefs in the region.
    Nigeria is a developing country, but we ought to have exceeded this level of prevalent polio cases now.
    It’s a sad occurrence that needs to be totally eradicated from our country.

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