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Just wondering!!!

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There is a recent item discussed on the news about the huge amount of money spent on immunization activities in Nigeria… The figure is alarming!!! I am wondering where does all this money go to? Yes, Immunization activities are held … Continue reading

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About the Wild polio virus

Four countries in the world belong to the group known as PAIN (Pakistan,Afganistan, India and Nigeria) because of the wild polio virus. Ironic anyway because the four PAIN countries have lots of their citizens wishing for better living conditions, better economy, etc.

At a recent polio campaign program, I noticed that few people actually know the definition of polio. They all have been involved one way or the other but hardly can define what it is all about…

Polio is a dangerous disease that cripples or kills children. It is an infectious disease which is spread through children who have not received enough doses of polio vaccine. Once a child is paralysed, there is no cure. They will be paralysed for life.

To protect children from the polio disease, they should be given all recommended doses of Oral polio vaccine (OPV). It is safe, effective and free. It has been used to eradicate polio in almost all countries in the world.

Children should be immunized against polio at birth, at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, at 14 weeks and during immunization Plus Days (IPDs) until the child is 5 years old. The OPV administered during IPDs is the same as that used during routine immunization.

The extra doses given during IPDs are completely safe and will increase the child’s resistance to polio and will help to eradicate polio from Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Infants, particularly when they stop breastfeeding have weak and vulnerable immune system and are therefore susceptible to many diseases.

Let us ensure our children are immunized!!!!

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