Just wondering!!!

There is a recent item discussed on the news about the huge amount of money spent on immunization activities in Nigeria… The figure is alarming!!!

I am wondering where does all this money go to? Yes, Immunization activities are held in every community, local government area and state in the country but what are the impacts?? Are the people aware of the types of vaccinations required for their newborns?  

What of the Immunization Plus Days(IPDs)? Do people allow the vaccination teams to vaccinate their children? This question is for the so-called elites in the cities…who always turn down these vaccination teams right from the fierce looking security man at the gate to the wild breed of dogs waiting for orders to attack these humble souls.

During the IPDs, a certain amount of vaccines is given to these teams and they are expected to vaccinate a certain number of children(they work with a daily work plan).Now, when caregivers/parents refuse to allow the children to be vaccinated, the easiest way out is for these teams to pour out the vaccines and return the empty vials(vaccine containers) and document false figures in order to avoid extra labour on them for the little money paid(we will talk about that on another day).

Its very sad and unfortunate. The educated caregivers/parents give room for such. They always claim they know how to take care of their children and assume they know too much…

The bottom line from my view point is there is need for more awareness on health in Nigeria. The Government should channel the immunization resources to creating more enlightenment programmes. Individuals need to stop complaining and make inputs in improving their health!!

I have so much to write on this….

Sincerely yours’

By kickpolio

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